5 Tips to Stop Foreclosure Fast in VA

Just the term, foreclosure brings up feelings of fear and dread. No one wants to lose their house. You may have already heard the term, or you may fear hearing it soon as you’ve fallen behind on mortgage payments. If you’ve missed a mortgage payment or two, you’ve probably already received some communications from your lender. After you miss three or more, they’ve probably started sending you notices about foreclosing on the property. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to stop the process. Here are five tips to stop foreclosure fast.

5 Tips to Stop Foreclosure Fast:

These tips to stop foreclosure fast will save your home and your financial situation. Don’t stress, it happens to a lot of people. These easy tips will make it simple for you to bounce back.

Tip 1: File for Bankruptcy

file bankruptcy for tips to stop foreclosure fast is to sell to cash buyers

The first of five tips to stop foreclosure fast is to file for bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy is one of the ways to stop foreclosure immediately. Foreclosure is considered a collection activity and the federal government mandates that as soon as a petition or bankruptcy is filed, debt collectors must stop engaging in collection activities. The day lenders become aware you filed for a bankruptcy, the foreclosure process stops immediately. Bankruptcy doesn’t do anything but give you time to sort things out financially. Maybe you were behind on payments because you lost your job, or because you were unable to work due to a temporary disability. Filing gives you some time to get it all together. The law requires that your creditors, including the mortgage company, work in good faith with you to find a workable way to help you get back on track with your payments. Of course, filing for bankruptcy will have a negative impact on your credit and future borrowing abilities. Discuss this option with a knowledgeable attorney to see if it is a good strategy in your situation or not.

Tip 2: Sell Your House in Short Sale

tips to stop foreclosure fast include short sales

The second of our five tips to stop foreclosure fast is to sell your house in a short sale. Once the lender files a Notice of Default (NOD), but before an auction is scheduled, if there is an offer to buy the property, the lender has to consider it. Lenders who foreclose on a property, are just going to sell it to try and make up for their losses. If you have asked, My house is being auctioned, what do I do? Or How can I save my house from auction? A short sale may be your answer. If you are able to present your lender with a reasonable offer from a short sale, they may take it. It would save them the trouble, effort and time it takes to try and find another buyer or schedule an auction.

Tip 3: Apply for a Loan Modification

tips to stop foreclosure fast include loan modifications

Our third of five tips to stop foreclosure fast is to apply for a loan modification. You can apply for a loan modification with your lender. Both federal and state laws prohibit lenders from continuing with the foreclosure process if a loan modification review is in process. When you apply for a loan modification, the lender will look at the terms of the loan. If there is a way to redo the loan so that your payments are lower, they may be able to modify the terms of the loan to accommodate you. Sometimes, they add more time to the loan, which lowers your payments into a range you can reach, but adds another year or more of payments you’ll need to make. They may be able to adjust the interest rates to the going rate if it’s lower. There are a few alternatives available with a loan modification. It may be one way how to stop a foreclosure sale date if you request it in time.

Tip 4: Offer a Deed in Lieu

tips to stop foreclosure fast include offering a deed in lieu

The fourth of our five tips to stop foreclosure fast is to offer a deed in lieu of foreclosure. That term basically describes exactly what it does. You offer the lender, or mortgage company the deed to your property voluntarily “in lieu” of them going through the foreclosure process. It can be a way to stop bankruptcy fast, but it does have a negative effect on your credit standing. The other problem is that lenders are not required to agree to take a home back. A deed in lieu can be declined for many reasons. For example, if you have numerous mortgages on the house, or the lender thinks you are not in as much financial stress as you claim, they may choose to not take the deed back and continue with the foreclosure process.

Tip 5: Sell to a Cash House Buyer

tips to stop foreclosure fast include selling for cash

Our fifth of five tips to stop foreclosure fast is to sell your house to a cash buyer. Investors will offer you a cash price on your property after an informal inspection. If you accept, they will pay you in full for your house, in cash. It’s fast, simple and done. You do not have to worry about making a lot of repairs or renovations to make the house ready for sale. Cash house buyers offer you cash for the house “as-is” meaning they will take it just like they see it. There’s no inspections needed or any other assessments. You don’t have to worry about a sale falling through, or another person not qualifying for a loan with their lender. Another great thing is that the cash buyer helps with all the paperwork. You don’t have to wait months for a closing date that gets scheduled and rescheduled. The entire transaction is completed in just a matter of days. You get to stop the foreclosure process and are relieved of all the stress.

These are our five tips to stop foreclosure fast. After you look at your situation and all the details, you can decide which way is going to work best for you.

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